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Julie Kliegman

I'm the copy chief at Sports Illustrated and based in Queens, New York. My work has also appeared in outlets including The Washington Post, The Ringer, BuzzFeed, Vulture, The Verge, The Week, Washington Monthly, Vox, the Tampa Bay Times and PolitiFact. Talk to me about The SpongeBob Musical.

Sports Illustrated

"Mentally, that's a whole 'nother ball game": The pandemic and athletes' minds

Idaho banned trans athletes from women's sports. She's fighting back.

The Ringer

Marc Summers and the never-ending obstacle course

Nothing and everything has changed for the USWNT

What's next for the USWNT and their equal pay lawsuit?

The state of mental health care in the NBA

College athletes are only starting to get access to the mental health care they need

The new era of suicide prevention

The future of abortion on TV

Pitch isn't just a fantasy

A quiet revolution on BoJack Horseman


How zines paved the way for asexual recognition

The Verge

Online dating isn't easy—especially when you're asexual


When you’re an asexual assault survivor, it’s even harder to be heard

The Washington Post

Mathew Klickstein has made a career out of nostalgia. Now he’s satirizing our yearning for the past.


2015: The year mental illness finally got some respect on TV

Washington Monthly

Combating mental health stigma: Behind the fight for better research


I have narcolepsy, and I hate that people think I'm just lazy


Todd's asexuality on BoJack Horseman isn't a perfect depiction, but it's made me feel understood

The Establishment

Don't compare my depression to the flu


Gabrielle Ruiz of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Hollywood diversity and boxed water

The Week

The Simpsons shows why narcolepsy is no laughing matter

Could the Amazin' Mets actually be amazing?

How technology is making baseball better — even without robot umpires

Images & Voices of Hope

How one nonprofit campaign is fighting for better storytelling about war veterans

Advice columnists reflect on a lack of diversity and inclusion in their field

Behind-the-scenes look at Eli Saslow's reporting on a mass shooting survivor

Doll Hospital, an art and literature journal on mental health, creates dialogue across a diverse community

The Membrane

BoJack gets depression right where others failed

Tampa Bay Times

Condo owners being forced out look to legislators for help

Tarpon Springs crossbowmaker faces lawsuits over severed thumbs

Failed funding puts public housing renovations on hold in Tarpon Springs


60 percent of St. Petersburg car thefts due to keys left in car, mayor says

Super PAC criticizes Booker for low Newark graduation rate

The health care marketplaces have 'no privacy protections,' Cotton says

The Record

Maywood center applauds advance of bill to aid stroke victims

Volunteers struggle to pay for training

Rochelle Park mayor leading charge against Route 17 expansion