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Julie Kliegman

Hang Up and Listen

Here, I spoke with Slate’s crew about psychedelics as mental health treatment in sports.

Sports Media With Richard Deitsch

Richard and I chatted about the current state of mental health in sports. Listen here.

About four years before, we spoke for the first time about mental health in sports and the coverage surrounding it. Listen here.

CBC Day 6

I opined on what we get wrong about Ben Simmons’s mental health.

Burn It All Down

Lindsay Gibbs and I chatted here about the nationwide push for anti-trans sports bills.


I spoke with Jordan Ligons here about transgender athletes to unpack the anti-trans bills in sports.

Sportsnet 590 The FAN

Listen here for my interview about how the coronavirus shutdown affected elite athletes’ mental health.

New Hampshire Public Radio

I talked mental health on TV with Virginia Prescott on Word of Mouth. Listen here.